Guy Builds Modern Container-Inspired Pad with Funds from Canceled International Trips

When the pandemic hit, so many things have been affected, including travels. The lockdowns and various health protocols imposed by so many places made people stop traveling because you could end up spending more time in quarantine than enjoying your original trip itinerary. While many people were dismayed with this situation, one of them turned it into something good by using the refund from his canceled international trips to build a modern container-inspired pad.

Raymond Christian Geronimo, 37, of Santa Maria, Bulacan loves to travel and has already visited several international destinations.

When the pandemic hit, however, he had to stay at home. When he received the refund from his canceled international trips, he decided to use the money to build a house.

Tiny Black Pad Inspired by Vacation Accommodations

This tiny black pad was inspired by some of the accommodations he had stayed in during his travels.

Although it looks like a container van, the house is actually made of steel frames with long-span roof for the walls. There’s insulation and double-walling to achieve the container van look while ensuring that it isn’t hot inside.

Raymond explains that the interior has a 37 sqm floor area but the house itself occupies 45 sqm, including the exterior features.

Impressive Design Features for a Tiny Home

The space between the double walls effectively hid the electrical and plumbing system – and that’s quite clever so that the walls remain elegant but the house is fully functional.

The bathroom is partly made of cement while the living area had cement board (Hardiflex). To save space in this tiny space, Raymond used a sliding door for the bathroom.

Beautiful Interiors

Despite the limited space, Raymond has a fully functional house with a comfortable living room, a small but functional kitchen and dining area, and a comfortable bedroom. The bathroom is also compact and elegant.

Raymond explains that it costs around Php800k to Php1 million to build this tiny house.

Watch the video here:

Source: OG / Raymond Christian Geronimo

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