Everyone knows how expensive a house can be – even renting one can cost you a lot of money! That’s why many of us find inspiration in the people who are able to find a way to ‘hack’ the system to build a budget-friendly house for their family.

Let’s take for example the house of Henry at Rejeen Tugot, a couple who was able to build their house with just Php50k – that’s what the guy says, anyway. Some netizens are skeptical, yet he was also able to put an aircon unit inside his tiny home.

While bashers might say it’s impossible to have a house for that small of money, Henry insists that just exactly what he had spent building this house.

Tiny Home, Big Dreams

There can be so many things to consider in building your own home, but perhaps this couple already owns a lot. Whatever the case, the Php50k is simply for the house construction, excluding the price of the lot.

Henry was able to build tiny home after saving the amount. It’s tiny but this house is the fulfillment of their dreams.

Modern House with Budget-Friendly Materials

The house is tiny, yes. But it has the following features:

  • Floor Area: 14×16 feet
  • 1 Bedroom
  • Living area
  • Small terrace
  • Kitchen

There’s even an aircon unit in the bedroom.

Painted in gray, the house appears to be made of concrete or hardiflex material yet it’s actually made of plywood, making it much cheaper to build. Henry can always upgrade this later when he has money, but for now the house actually looks really good.

The flat roof doesn’t have a ceiling yet, but the design and materials are economical.

Nice Accents, Lovely Home

This lovely home even features a wood door jamb and nice stone-inspired accents at the entrance. These accents match the materials used in some of the interior walls.

The floors have linoleum but this can always be upgraded to tiles in the future. At just Php50k, this house really looks great, right?