Container vans are essential in safely shipping various cargo across the world on ships; but these sturdy metal containers have also found another use in tiny homes that can be self-sufficient and beautiful in the right hands.

One guy in the Philippines managed to transform a boring old container van into a beautiful tiny home that made a lot of netizens wish they can also have one in their yard.

Amiel Colesio shared that he loves tiny homes after seeing many video tutorials and virtual tours on YouTube. Tiny houses are truly a beautiful thing – and he wanted to try building one as well.

So, after getting his hands on a shipping container, Amiel began to transform this into his dream home. It is small but the end results are impressive.

Starting out with a rather old container van, Amiel got the insides improved with cement and paint.

He set aside one end of the shipping container as kitchen and dining area while the other end is set for the living room that also becomes a bedroom at night.

Large holes were cut out from the sides for the windows, providing plenty of light and ventilation to this tiny abode.

Amiel added a pallet deck by the door so there’s a place to hang out, but a bigger space will soon be available on the second-floor roof garden he made by adding some railings to the top part of the shipping container.

Reducing the harshness of the metal container, wood was used in many parts of this home. After getting the floor leveled with cement, wood tiles were fitted.

He also got some wood slabs as shelves, creating a rustic look that’s truly enviable.

While he was not yet able to post an update on how the house looks from the outside after he got it painted and perhaps landscaped as well, the inside portion of Amiel’s tiny home already looks awesome.

Floor-length curtains and some décor made this space look sophisticated. This tiny home is truly a gem!