Many homeowners are able to build beautiful homes that look great but within their budget. Plenty of them used a mix of native and modern materials to create lovely homes, such as this one that features a concrete base and foundation, with upper walls made of amakan. The house also features a modern design, with its flat roof and tiled floors, but makes use of wood furniture.

The overall effect is that of a beautiful modern house with a half-native feel. That’s the dream house of many!

Like most homes with this style, the amakan walls were kept in their natural brown colors. The concrete parts were painted in grey.

Beautiful Half-Amakan House

Although this is a budget-friendly house, it looks great even from afar. The flat roof completes the modern look while the porch features a pergola-styled ceiling.

Even the main door is a mix of modern and native, thanks to the combination of a wooden door and a second screen door with a metal frame.

There’s a chair at the porch and a Cleopatra-styled bench set to one side of the house that the owners might convert into a deck.

Lovely Interiors, Wood Furnishings

The interiors of this house feature beautiful furnishings made of solid wood. These pieces complement the house’s mixed native and modern design.

Although the compact design doesn’t provide too much space inside, the homeowners maximized the floor plan by not adding walls between the living room and the dining area. The open floor plan is certainly ideal for homes like this.

Mix-Modern & Native Kitchen

Like the rest of the house, the kitchen also uses a mixture of modern and native features. The L-shaped counters are made of concrete but a wall is left with the amakan material.

This house also features one bedroom and a nice bathroom located beside the kitchen.

Depending the actual materials you pick (such as color-roof, tiles, and sliding glass windows), this house could cost anywhere from Php600,000 to at least Php1 million.