Living in a tiny house actually has plenty of perks. Aside from only needing a smaller budget to build it from the ground, small houses are also easier to maintain. You can always expand them later when the budget and space allow. Just like this lovely half-amakan house with a fresh design that comes with a second-floor hangout. The unique design is actually wonderful, especially if you enjoy spending time hangout out with your friends or family. It also comes complete with one bedroom, a fully functional indoor kitchen, bathroom, and comfortable living room.

It’s actually quite surprising that the interiors of this home look so modern. It even has sliding glass windows.

Half-Concrete, Half-Amakan Design

Native homes remain popular, particularly in the provinces, because they’re budget-friendly. They’re also cooler then concrete homes and wouldn’t require a lot of electricity to keep cool even on hot summer days.

A half-concrete design makes native homes more durable. That’s what the homeowners did for this home, with the foundation and floors also made of concrete.

Stylish Interiors with Double-Walling

Once you step inside this home, you’ll forget that it’s actually made of amakan. The double walls are stylish, an effect you can achieve with plywood and paint or wallpaper. Another option is to use printed cement board (especially made for wall paneling), although that’s actually going to be more expensive.

The floors also have tiles, while the cabinets have marble-inspired doors. The overall effect actually looks great in this tiny home.

Favorite Hangout, Nice Bathroom

The second-floor hangout is really our favorite part of this charming house. The space is limited, but it’s perfect for around 5-6 people. Cleopatra benches provide seating for this spot, and you can add a table and some extra chairs for enjoying a meal or refreshments.

There’s also a nice bathroom downstairs, complete with tiles on the floor and half the walls, shower, bidet, and a nice sink.

You can build this charming little home for around Php100k, give or take a few thousands, depending on the actual materials you use and labor costs.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses