It seems that half-amakan (also called sawali in some places) never go out of style, particularly in rural areas where this is a staple design.

And while this design isn’t really for everyone, we’re quite impressed at how some people are able to create incredible upgrades to this style even without spending a lot of money.

Take for example this half-amakan house with impressive interiors and rock-inspired walls.

Lovely Home with Half-Amakan Design

Just like other houses with this kind of design, this lovely home features a strong concrete foundation. The posts are solid cement with steel rebars, while the house has concrete walls of at least a meter high.

The rest of the walls are in amakan, held together with wood lattice slats painted in walnut brown.

It’s actually a simple house with wood beams and what appear to be regular GI sheets for the roof. But you’ll be impressed by its interiors.

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Stylish Home with Beautiful Interiors

To create the illusion of an upgraded modern home, double walling is installed in this house.

You can opt for plywood or cement board for the double walls, but make sure to add a few coats of paint to achieve the modern effect.

It’s also a good idea to add a ceiling to complete the modern look.

Tiles create a superb look for the floors, but linoleum flooring can also work for a limited budget. This can be easily upgraded later.

Rock-Inspired Interior Walls

There are different ways to achieve the rock-inspired walls.

If you have money, you can use fully concrete interior walls and have stone cladding cemented into place.

Another way is to use rock-inspired ceramic tiles.

If you’re on a budget, rock-inspired wallpaper can also work.

Two Bedrooms, One Bathroom

Like typical homes with this design, this one comes with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

However, the rooms are separated by a hallway instead of the usual style of putting the doors directly on the walls facing the living room.

The actual budget for building this home can vary, depending on the materials you choose. Still, you can begin with the shell house at around Php150k.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses