For a family with a budget of Php150,000, building a house can be a challenge. But this can be done with a native house made of bamboo and cheaper wood options, including coco lumber.

However, if you really want a house that can last longer, building a concrete base is a good option, then you can pick Amakan and bamboo for the upper walls.

Just like this tiny half-concrete and half-Amakan house that was reportedly built for that amount.

Half-Concrete & Half-Amakan House

To save on paint and to preserve the natural beauty of the amakan, it’s best to pick natural lacquer instead.

If you want some colorful accents, you can always do that on the wood or bamboo slats – although we prefer brown for those parts, too.

Modern Additions to a Native Home

While this one is certainly a native home, the owners used some modern additions to upgrade its look. For example, the base is made of concrete and the porch even has railings made of steel tubes.

This home also makes use of sliding glass windows with black frames that easily upgrade the look of the house without a lot of effort.

The interiors also look modern, but that’s actually due to the double walls that are painted in white. The double walls can be built using cement board or plywood, which is cheaper, then you can simply coat it with the paint color you prefer.

For this house, the owners picked white for elegance. It actually works – and many netizens commented that the house doesn’t look like it was built for just Php150k.

Fabulous Interiors, Stylish Home

What’s great about this home is that it manages to look modern and elegant, yet it also preserves its native theme.

The floors are made of wood-inspired tiles or linoleum for those on a budget. The door is made of stylish wood. It’s certainly a house that you can be proud of – and it’s fantastic that you can build it even on a low budget of Php150,000.

Source: Katherine F. Soquilon / Awesome Philippines Houses