This Hello Kitty house has lots of cute characters all over the place, with plenty of collections on display from the entrance to the garden to the kitchen and bedrooms! Even the sliding gate looks so cute with its pretty Hello Kitty design. Everything in this house simply has this cartoon character on display.

Houses that are based on popular cartoon characters are always cute and fun to live in! Though some might say that they are too bright and loud, the people who love cartoon characters will enjoy staying in them.

The balcony at the second floor also has sun shades with a huge Hello Kitty print.

Lush Garden, Hello Kitty Planters

The owner of this house loves the cartoon character so much that even the planters in the garden have Hello Kitty motifs. There’s lush vegetation and plenty of plants all over the garden – and they complement the cutesy look.

This house is certainly not just for kids, because the stairs to the second floor show that this house is occupied by adults who simply love Hello Kitty.

Stylish Interiors with Hello Kitty Displays

It’s not surprising at all that the stylish interiors of this house also have lots of Hello Kitty items. You can find an assortment of cute stuff ranging from stuffed toys of all sizes to wall clocks, dressers, closets, beds, lamps, toys, and various knickknacks.

Even the trash can in the Hello Kitty kitchen looks so cute with its pink character head for the opening. The rugs, water bottles, lunch boxes, stove, kitchen organizers, water dispenser, rice cooker, and fridge are all decked with various Hello Kitty items.

At the back area is a washing machine that, as you might have already expected, is also decked with Hello Kitty prints!

Do you like this home? It could cost at least Php2 million to build this house, plus another Php200,000 or more for the Hello Kitty collections.