‘Hello Kitty’ is such a popular character all over the world. The fictional cartoon character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio back in 1974, but the world would soon fall in love with this adorable kitty.

While it was originally marketed for children and preteen audience, particularly girls, Hello Kitty would soon grow to be a character that many loved.

Soon, Hello Kitty merchandise not included toys, clothes, bags, and other items for kids, but also stuff for adults, such as mugs, collectible items, and even laptops and other electronic gadgets.

And would you believe that the world-record holder for having the largest Hello Kitty collection is actually a grown-up man? He’s straight, by the way – and his wife totally supports his Hello Kitty collection.

Guinness World Records holder Masao Gunji holds the world’s largest collection of Hello Kitty stuff – and you guessed it right, he displays them in an adorable pink house! He’s got every Hello Kitty merchandise imaginable, including motorcycle helmets, kitchen wear, plushies, clocks, and so much more.

Gunji had a total of 5,169 Hello Kitty items when he broke the world record previously held by Asako Kanda, also an adult man from Japan! Asako had 4,519 Hello Kitty items in his collection. These guys are quite surprising, but Gunji said he began the collection because Hello Kitty makes him happy when he’s sad. Isn’t that sweet?

Would you like to start your Hello Kitty collection and, perhaps, beat these guys’ records someday? Why not start with your very own Hello Kitty house?

Check out these photos of a lovely Hello Kitty house which comes complete with pink paint, Hello Kitty logos, and Hello Kitty-themed furniture.

The beds and sala sets are created in pink and are actually shaped as the other Hello Kitty items. Bedsheets and pillowcases also come in Hello Kitty prints.

Is this house cute or just too pink for you?

Image credits: Guinness World Records, Happy Home / Facebook