When trying to find the best design for your future home, it is important to think about the functions of each part of the house and overall look of the building to ensure that you get what you need without wasting money.

For many homeowners, a porch would make a great addition to their dwelling because this is a good place to hang out and have with the family or even to welcome guests.

A porch adds curb appeal to your home, particularly when designed to fit your house’s overall look.

In this compilation of homes with a porch, you will find that different designs could make or break the home’s appearance.

If done correctly, the porch would be a cozy spot where you can relax and enjoy the view of your garden.

Some homeowners prefer to have intricate designs on the porch as this is one of the first things that guests would see upon reaching the house.

But simple porches also do the trick.

A simple porch is not just easy to build, it also requires very little to maintain; though you can’t expect it to be as pretty as the elaborate ones.

You can increase the floor space of your home by adding a patio or porch.

A porch can also make a beautiful common area between two houses, instead of building a wall or fence. Of course, this often works when the families living in both houses get along with each other.

You’d be surprised at how versatile a porch can be.

While most homes make use of a simple porch style featuring just one side of the wall; however, a wraparound porch would also be wonderful.

Another option is to have a porch that spans two walls, forming an L-shaped hangout where you can host plenty of activities.