This grand house design features 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a floor plan that ensures everything the family needs are easy to reach the central portion of the home.

Although it looks quite palatial on the outside, the house actually occupies just 118sqm of space. That’s still a huge home, of course, but the house has a much longer length and a slimmer body. Thus, it creates the illusion of a really big house when viewed from the front.

A small porch is set to the side of the main entrance while the master’s bedroom features its own porch for relaxation. This would also make a perfect spot for reading a book while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Superb House Design, 4 Bedrooms

The design of this house makes it appear to be comprised of three houses built too close to each other but in a nice way. The center portion is for the living room and kitchen while the two at the sides are allocated for the 4 bedrooms.

This house makes use of grey as the overall color scheme. All the walls come in grey, with different shades and hues used to define different portions of the house. Even the curtains come in grey. But this grey color scheme is perfectly complemented by the white floors, ceilings, and doors.

Stylish Living Room

Despite the monochromatic color scheme, the living room looks stylish and comes with an oversized sofa bed for more comfortable movie nights on the flat-screen TV. Floor-length curtains are used in the living room for added elegance.

Nice Kitchen

Even the kitchen looks so stylish with its L-shaped counters with granite countertops, stainless steel sink and dish rack, and elegant hanging cabinets.

Spacious Rooms

A place for relaxation, the 4 bedrooms are spacious. Feel free to provide these bedrooms with stylish furnishings that match the personality of the people who will use the room. Since all the rooms also come with grey walls, you can add art pieces to bring a splash of color inside.

This lovely 4-bedroom house comes with a nice price of tag of around Php1.6 million.