Do you need to build a house but don’t have enough money yet? You can begin with a starter house that you can renovate and expand later just like this half-concrete and half-amakan house that a family was able to build for Php200k.

The interiors have standard amenities, including a full kitchen, dining area, living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms.

This house also comes with a porch.

What makes this house extra special is that it looks like a native home from the outside, yet has a modern feel from the inside.

While the exteriors are painted in white (for the concrete parts) and the amakan left in its natural colors, the interiors have pastel paint that’s pleasing to the eyes.

Budget-friendly But Beautiful House

The foundation and the bottom half of the house are made of concrete, while the upper parts are made of amakan.

The amakan is obvious on the outside, but double walling was applied on the inside. The painted plywood (cement board is also a good option) actually made the place look like it was entirely concrete inside.

Impressive Interiors, Good Layout

Like most native homes, this one comes with a porch that doubles as the main entryway into the house. The main door opens directly into the living room, which shares an open plan with the dining area and kitchen.

We love that the homeowners used wood-inspired tiles on the floor, creating a long-lasting yet native-themed space.

The different wall paint colors define the spaces without putting actual divisions that can make the space smaller.

Comfortable Bedrooms

The two bedrooms are accessible through a really short hallway. Like the other parts of the house, the bedrooms also have pastel paint. The workmanship is admirable because it’s hard to tell that the interiors are actually made of plywood.

Budget restrictions might have limited the family from furnishing and decorating the bedrooms, but that’s fine. You can slowly add the furnishings in, little by little when the budget allows.

According to the family, they spent Php200k to build this 18×18 ft house.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses