Budget-Friendly House in Light Purple, Perfect for Growing Families

With 88 sq m of space and a lovely design, inside and out, this budget-friendly 3-bedroom house set in light purple and a slightly elevated platform is truly perfect for growing families. It is great even for limited lot spaces; though the design would also make it ideal for areas with great views.

Every bit of space in this lovely home was designed for beauty and for some purpose. Thus, you are ensured of a beautiful home that you can truly be proud of.

This home is mode mostly out of concrete, with wooden doors, and beautifully designed window grills that feature cute petals and flowers.

Front Design

Like many homes these days, this one features a porch at the main entrance. Set on an elevated platform, this home provides a good vantage point to enjoy the views around it.

Bricks and rock-inspired wall tiles provide accent to the pillars while built-in benches make the porch more welcoming.