Perfect House Plan for 1-Story Modern Home with 2 Bedrooms

Set on a platform, this 1-story modern home features 2 bedrooms and a huge open space area for the living room, with sliding glass doors that make this place look like a resort. This dreamy house features the perfect house plan and a beautiful design, inside and out.

Perfect for a medium-sized family, this house has a contemporary L-shaped design and shed-style flat roof for a stylish look at an affordable price. This home also features a porch that wraps along the front area, creating a zigzag that provides plenty of space for you and your family to have fun.

Beautiful Front Design

The walls are painted with a gray marble design that makes this place look elegant. There are plenty of sliding glass doors at the front area, making everything easy to access. Plus, that design makes this place appear even larger because the outside area easily becomes a big part of the house.

Make sure to have a good landscape at the front to complement the beauty of this home.