Dream houses come in different sizes and styles. But they do have something in common: they all look good! Just like this stylish house that comes with beautiful exteriors and a lovely kitchen design that you can be proud of having at your home.

A nice porch at the middle creates a welcoming spot at the entrance of your home. It is furnished with an ornate set with a table and some chairs painted in gold. They make a great conversation piece and also look stylish in that area.

The interiors of this home have ample space for entertaining your guests while the bedrooms have a more private space as they are at a corner and accessed through the short flight of stairs.

Modern House Design

This house has a lot of strong points, including the modern design that’s complemented by the blue color roof with tile span style. You’ll be proud of this contemporary home with walls decked with stone-inspired tiles.

The porch comes with steel railings and white tiles with stylish prints. The windows are covered with grills for added security.

Beautiful Interiors

The owners of this home made sure to first complete the exteriors of the house before working on the interiors. But the interiors still look beautiful and show potential to become elegant with just a few added touches.

The white-and-gold curtains look stylish in the living room, creating the perfect complement with the gold-colored sofa covers.

Lovely Kitchen Design

A lovely kitchen is built towards the back of the house and comes with built-in hanging cabinets made of wood and glass. Although small, the kitchen has ample space for preparing your meals. A separate table houses the stove.

Black tiles are used over the kitchen counters while white cabinets with frosted glass doors complete the look of this modern kitchen.

This modern 2-bedroom house costs around Php1.6 million to build.