An impressive house featuring a full-sized view deck with commanding views all around, this might be the dream house that you are looking for!

What’s impressive is that this house can be built for Php1.5 million ($30,300), complete with the 2-vehicle carport beneath the view deck, two bedrooms, a porch, and spacious interiors.

This modern home is a comfortable place to live in, with its leaning-up, double wish-bone switch type room adding to its curb appeal.

Beautiful inside and out, this home is perfect for a growing family. There’s enough space for everyone relax and still have some privacy in their own bedrooms.

Porch and Carport

The carport with its view deck above is definitely the main draw of this modern house. The carport can accommodate two vehicles and could easily double as a covered spot for special activities when the cars aren’t parked there.

The porch at the front features vertical metal battens painted in deep orange. It directly leads to the sliding doors fitted with glass with black frames.

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