Set on a well-manicured lawn and provided with a concrete driveway from the gate to the carport, this modern house is a good place to live in.

The green walls are soothing to the eyes and the beautiful design will make you proud of this home.

Flat roofs are used over this contemporary house, but the design is not boring because separate sections have different roofs. The porch and carport have supports made up of concrete and steel.

The interiors look fantastic, with light grey walls that easily match even the quirkiest furniture pieces. You can also brighten up the space using lively prints and artwork.

Beautiful House, Nice Porch

You can enjoy the lovely view around this house from the nice porch set at the front, elevated a few feet from the ground due to the house being set on a concrete platform. The carport is designed to match the porch but does not have direct access to the house.

Double doors grace the main entrance to this home while the back area also features a nicely designed single wooden door.

Excellent Floor Plan, Lovely Interiors

This house has a living room that’s several steps away from the main door and the entryway. You can decorate this entryway with some benches that double as storage for shoes, umbrellas, and raincoats. The entryway is also a perfect spot for a hobby area or even space for your musical instruments.

The interiors look lovely, with the rooms also set at an angle from the living room. The kitchen and dining area are located towards the back.

Modern Kitchen, Spacious Bathroom

As expected of this contemporary house, there is a modern kitchen provided with lovely cabinets and granite countertops. There are two sliding glass windows over the sink and cooking area.

The spacious bathroom has a low wall that separates the wet and dry areas while a huge mirror is placed over the big sink.

This house costs at least Php1.8 million to build.