For a budget of just a little over Php250,000 ($5,000), you can have this simple but functional 1-bedroom house that is quite perfect as a rental property or a starter home. Painted in grey, this prefabricated house is quick to build as long as you have access to the materials.

Its simple rectangular design with a lean-on shed appearance and flat room ensures that this home is fully functional but also be built even on a tight budget.

There’s even a small balcony up the front area that you can decorate with some plants to make this place feel homey and welcoming.

Simple Exteriors

This no-nonsense house has grey paint on the walls made of thick fiber cement sheets. The lightweight material is durable and even fire-proof but is much cheaper than a fully concrete wall with hollow blocks and steel bars.

The rectangular design allows for a more compact home with no wasted space.

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Compact Interiors

Since this house only occupies a very small space, expect the interiors to be small as well. But the compact interiors can easily have more space using multi-purpose furniture. You can have a sofa that converts into a bed at night, for added space.

The lone table in the room doubles as a study or work spot and dining area.

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Expansion Options

Because of this house’s basic design, there’s always an option for expansion in the future as long as the lot still has space for it, that is.

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You can have multi-bedroom options as you knock down a portion of the wall to create a doorway to another room.

Multiple Houses

Great as a rental property, you can also create many duplicates of this home on the same lot.

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The rooms can be interconnected, or you can opt to build several 1-bedroom houses set a few feet apart for the privacy of the occupants. You can also extend the roof to one side to create a carport.