Most of the modern homes these days are made entirely of concrete, glass, and steel. But homes made of wood never get out of style. Such as this split-level design house built with mixed materials. The bedrooms are set in an elevated portion of the house while the spacious living room and dining area can be found on the lower floor.

This house is a great place to live in for your growing family. It features a comfortable porch with stone-inspired tiles and a living room with wood-inspired tiles.

Different sections of the house have different roof structures, creating a nice design that you can easily appreciate even from afar.

Impressive House Design, Excellent Use of Mixed Materials

There are many reasons why you’ll love this house, but the design would surely be the one on the top of your list.

The house is divided into the common sections at the lower part while the private rooms are in the higher part. There’s also a nice mixture of concrete, glass, steel, and wood to create a stylish home that you can be proud of.

Spacious Living Room, Open Plan Layout

Just like most modern homes these days, this one features an open plan layout so you can maximize your space depending on your needs.

A chocolate-colored couch is placed in the living room to expound on the woodsy theme but elegant lights, a flat-screen TV, and the sliding glass doors show that this is definitely a modern home.

Natural Wood Bedrooms

The bedrooms are quite impressive in this modern dwelling. They’re made of wood, including the floors! There’s no double walling for the interiors, but the exposed wood actually creates a unique effect on the walls.

Sliding glass windows are also used for the bedrooms. The bathroom is set in between the bedrooms on the upper side of the house.

Building this house will cost at least Php2.5 million.