A nice house with stylish interiors, this cottage style house features a modern twist. The porch has bricks as accent, creating a beautiful style that perfectly complements the white walls. It has a hip roof design that looks good amid the trees.

This charming cottage would be perfect with lots of green trees and flowering plants all around. Such a tropical landscape would be great to admire from the porch while you indulge in a cup of coffee.

An elegant sofa set graces the living room while stylish curtains create an elegant look for this modern cottage. The floors have wood-style tiles while printed tiles are used for the porch. Indoor plants would also match this house perfectly.

Lovely Porch, Wood Furniture

The porch juts out at the front of the house, creating space that doubles as the main entrance to your home. The woodsy theme of this spot is matched by the wood furniture and some tropical plants in pots.

The half walls around the porch are low enough to double as built-in benches but can also be used as additional spots for potted plants.

Style and Beauty Indoors

Enjoy living in your beautiful house with stylish interiors and a comfortable couch that’s simply perfect for movie marathons. Even the ceilings look beautiful despite the simple designs.

Lovely accents are used for this home, with beautiful lights that create added beauty. Flowers brighten up the tables while shelves have ample space for your collections.

There are 2 bedrooms in this lovely home, each with a brown door made of wood. The windows around this house are just medium-sized but each look great and allow enough light to come in and illuminate your house during the day.

This 2-bedroom house may be built for around Php800,000.