There’s this common misconception that for your house to be beautiful, you have to spend a fortune on it. While expensive houses tend to be more beautiful, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

8 Amazing Houses That Are Surprisingly Cheap To Build

There are countless ways to make your house beautiful and in fact, when sustainable architecture is considered, you’ll be surprised at how these beauties are well within your reach.

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Amazing Houses That Are Surprisingly Cheap

To be an architectural marvel, does not mean you have to sacrifice your budget. Bespoke designs on a budget is actually a thing. So if you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your dream home. Scroll down to see 8 of the prettiest houses that we’ve seen that you won’t believe were cheap to build.


Keeping it simple with a cubic two storey house accented by pampas in front to give it a more homey look.

Room with a view

Using just concrete, steel, and wood, this house with an amazing view resembles a wine barrel or hollow log that is sensitive to the environment.


This Korean home uses SIP or structural insulated panels, a cheap but thermally efficient building material.


Who says palettes are just for warehouses and barns? This two-storey house made up of palettes looks amazingly eye-catching.


This unique and clean-looking house in Berlin is made up of pre-fabricated materials making it easy and cheap to build.


Modules are one type of pre-fabricated materials that can give your house that clean and sophisticated look without breaking your bank.


Another cheap but great way to build your home is to use containers. It’s economical, yet clean-looking.


Combine the class of timber, with the portability of modular materials to get this amazing box type dream home.

Source: Homify