Looking for a dream house that will suit your style, without thought for a restricted budget? This huge dream house design with 3 bedrooms and a modern style just might be the one you are looking for…

This sprawling home looks fantastic, with flat roofs that follow the contour of the house but also creating a lovely appearance even from afar. Huge glass windows are also used all around this house, making it look even bigger and more elegant.

The main entryway is huge, with a nice porch to one side and large glass doors. To brighten up the space, the walls on the interior and exterior are all painted in white. However, other paint colors are also used as accents on certain parts.

Lovely Porch, Beautiful Design

This home is something that you can truly be proud of. It stands tall and looks grand even from afar. The lovely porch is a great place to hang out. It also helps that this house has beautiful grounds that you can enjoy viewing while relaxing outside your home. The lights also complement the design.

Stylish Interiors

Upon entering the main door, the dining room is on the left side while the living room is set to the right, with floor-length windows that look out to the view. The stylish interiors have elegant curtains and lovely lights.

A huge entertainment set graces the living room but the couch can also seat two people. You might opt to put a much larger couch in this spot.

Large Bedrooms, Nice Bathrooms

The bedrooms are large, with plenty of space for queen-sized beds and a full-length dresser or cabinet.

Just like the rest of the house, even the bathrooms look elegant. The bathroom doors are made of PVC and glass. There’s a glass partition between the wet and dry areas while the tiles are all stylish.

This 3-bedroom house is worth at least Php2.5 million.