Let’s face it. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a big house where rooms are spacious and could fit a lot of stuff inside, including a full-sized bed and a sofa. But clever homeowners could actually decorate their rooms to still have ample space even with a small floor area!

So, how can you do that?

Well, there are actually quite a number of ways to achieve this without breaking the bank or having to knock down walls for a bigger room.

Recently, someone got her small room renovated and the place turned into a big room, complete with ample space for an entertainment center with a sofa and large-screen TV plus enough space for a small office at the corner.

Amazingly, this was achieved by moving the bed up so that space below is still enough for the entertainment center.

Most rooms might have regular beds that are just feet or two off the floor, but the room this young lady had the bed raised about four or five feet off from the ground. This leaves enough space for her entertainment center below, including what appears to be a 50-inch flat-TV and a soundbar. The TV was placed below the bed while a sofa is on the opposite side.

It even looks like the sofa is actually a sofa-bed – a great addition to a small room!

Based on photos shared on Facebook by a certain Real Morena who credits the photos to Kathleen May Torrefiel Caunar, the bed is made of steel. Instead of having a post attached to the floor, the bed frame was anchored to the ceiling while two sides were attached to the wall.

Cute stairs lead to the bed on one side, but some netizens suggested that this could actually be converted into functional drawers. A small cabinet can be seen at the foot of the bed, yet the room still has ample space for another built-in shelf or small closet.

Check out these photos for inspiration:



















Source: Kathleen May Torrefiel Caunar  / Facebook – Real Morena