Got budget and space for a big house? You don’t have to be a billionaire to have one because this 2-story house just might be within your range. It features a lovely porch that can double as an extended hangout. This home also offers spacious interiors and a nice kitchen at the back. The bedrooms are also big and beautiful.

Most of this house is painted in powder blue on the exteriors, with orange accents. The matching fence also looks great, with wood painted in the same shade of orange as the accents used for the house’s exterior.

Inside, the house has mostly white walls with powder blue accents.

Modern 2-Story House, L-Shaped Porch

This lovely home features an L-shaped porch that wraps at the front to the left side of the house. The gate opens directly to the porch, with one section also an option for a carport or stock area.

With a modern design, this house features flat roofs that are built separately for each section. There’s a different roof for the main house, the back area, and the porch at the front.

Elegant Space in the Interiors

From the porch, sliding double doors open directly to the living room. There’s also a lovely sliding glass window between the porch and the living room, with white frames that create a nice contrast with the exterior walls.

A single pillar is in the middle of the first floor, providing support to the second floor. You can opt to use this spot as a focal point of the interiors or set up some furniture by its side to also protect it while incorporating it with the interior design.

Beautiful Bedrooms, Large Windows

Like the common areas, the bedrooms also feature white walls and accents in powder blue. Rooms on the second floor also feature wood floors that create a grand look.

The final price depends on many factors, but it could take at least Php2 million to build this home.