In building your house, your budget may be the main factor in determining how big and how grand the structure might be. Yet you should also consider future expansions or how the grounds will look after the house is built. Just like this grand home with beautiful gardens and grounds. There’s a lot of detail all over this house, inside and out.

The modern design features flat roofs and a lovely porch at the front. You’ll love staying in this beautiful home which features a compact floor plan to maximize the space.

Vertical windows create an elegant design for this home, while the glass doors create the illusion seamless transition between the interiors and the exteriors.

Lovely Porch, Beautiful Gardens

Keeping in mind that first impressions last, you should take into account how the front portion of your house looks like. That’s why this house features a lovely porch with beautiful gardens at the front.

There’s a Zen garden-inspired spot at one corner that you can also convert into a picnic area with a table and some chairs. But the spot looks more beautiful if you don’t put anything on top. Plenty of lush tropical plants make the garden come alive.

Stylish Interiors, Elegant Home

Although painted in grey streaks, the exterior walls still manage to look great. But they are a sharp contrast to the cream and peach-colored walls of the interiors. The soft colors create added elegance to this home that you can easily update with thick, floor-length curtains on the windows.

The glass windows are large and let the natural light come in. But they also make a nice design to your home, creating the perfect backdrop to your stylish interiors.

Nice Bathroom

The bathroom of this house looks great, with different styles of tiles creating an interesting effect despite the theme being picked in black and white. Only the artwork adds a splash of color in the bathroom.

This house would cost around Php1.8 million to build.