The Earth is having a huge problem with plastic wastes, and some people are finding a way to reduce them by recycling or upcycling them into something useful. Some of them decided to build a house out of recycled plastic bottles! The results actually look great.

In the pictures below, you can see two houses being built from recycled plastic bottles: one is circular while the other is your typical boxy home design.

The plastic bottles are filled with sand and were used in lieu of hollow blocks. It’s very important to make sure that the foundation, posts, and beams of the house have rebars to ensure that the house is sturdy and durable.

Manual Work with Lovely Results

The volunteers filled the plastic bottles with sand, then packed them tightly with cement on the walls, floors, fences, and even the stairs of the houses they were building.

They also tied the plastic bottles together before pouring the cement. The end results actually look great, with options to keep the bottle ends sticking out from the wall for a unique effect or to smoothen out the walls to make them easier to clean and maintain.

The latter option is actually better, particularly for the interior walls so that these won’t be too rough on the occupants.

Stylish Additions to Complete the Home

The house doesn’t have to be completely made of plastic and concrete. Instead, stylish additions such as sliding glass windows encased in wood, as well as a beautiful half-French wooden door, create a lovely effect to complete the home.

Smoothened walls in one of the houses were painted – and they look like any ordinary home.

Structural Stability and Safety Concerns

Some netizens did point out the structural stability and other safety concerns for homes like this that are made of plastic. After all, there weren’t any rebars used between the plastic bottles, unlike in hollow block walls.

A house like this would be suitable as a temporary home or for areas that have a scarcity in construction materials.

Source: Let’s Get Lost