A wood house is a beautiful place to live in – and this one is truly something that you can be proud of having as your home. It comes with beautiful windows, impressive exteriors, stylish designs inside and out, and a lovely bathroom.

The façade looks good with the shiny wood walls that are painted a natural brown shade. A mix of gable and flat roof styles are used over this house, creating a nice look even from afar.

The interiors are made with the same material as the exteriors, with the space perfectly planned out to ensure nothing is wasted inside your home.

Welcoming Porch, Modern Native House

The windows and the matching doors are built from a mix of wood and glass, perfectly completing the modern look of this native house.

Wood is used for the welcoming porch that also has wood railings and wood stairs. Because the doors open out towards the porch, it wouldn’t make sense to put permanent chairs here, but you can still hang out when the doors are fully opened. Just add some chairs to complete the space.

Creative Interiors, Beautiful Home

You’ll love this beautiful home made with mixed materials. The wood really makes this space stand out – and you’ve got to admire the craftsmanship of the carpenters who built this beautiful place.

The light fixtures don’t just illuminate the space, they also make great accents during the day. One perfect example is the ornate light in the living room that looks so regal in the middle of the stylish ceiling.

This home also features lots of windows that let natural light in.

Stylish Bathroom

Surprisingly, the bathroom still keeps up with the woodsy theme. The floors and ceilings are still made of wood but certainly added with extra coats of water sealant to extend their lifespan.

A glass shower enclosure is placed inside the bathroom, but make sure to check the waterproofing on the floors several times a year.

This impressive home could cost at least Php1.5 million to build, depending on the materials and type of wood used.