What was your first house like? Many of us started out by renting a small studio or even just a bedspace, but later got our own homes as the years went by. But for one family in the Philippines, the first place they lived in was a pigpen with a makeshift roof! What’s impressive, however, is that they were able to improve their lives and build their own dream home just 5 years later – and the 2-story house looks fantastic!

Who would have thought that a family who used to live in a pigpen could live in such a beautiful house in just a few years, even without one of them working abroad? We’re impressed.

Living in a Pigpen

They had a roof over their head and some walls around the place where they sleep, yet the pigpen wasn’t really a comfortable home for Raymond Soledad and his wife.

At the time, they had no choice but to live in the pigpen because they had no money to rent out a decent place to stay in.

They still lived in the pigpen when their baby was born, but after the roof caved in while they were sleeping one rainy night, the couple decided they should do something to improve their living conditions, especially for the sake of their kids.

Building a Dream House

Raymond found a job at his cousin’s pest control company while his wife was also hired as a contractual government worker. Although his wife wasn’t regularized and eventually lost her job some months later, the couple managed to save up most of their money.

After saving up Php250,000, they used Php50,000 to pay Raymond’s tita as downpayment for a parcel of land. They used the remaining amount to start building their dream house.

Because they didn’t have a lot of money, the couple continued to live on a tight budget so they could focus their funds on building their house. It took them two years to finish the house, but we’re still impressed at how they managed to do it.

To save on labor costs, Raymond even did many of the house’s construction works. But their hard work and dedication paid off because they now live in this beautiful home, which is a far cry from their first one in the pigpen.