What can you do with a studio-type condo unit with just 21 sqm of space? Although that seems too small, this is actually the typical size of studio-type condo units. Netizen Lyrpa Mejorada shared what they were able to achieve with their studio-type condo unit that they’re planning to rent out as a modern type of boarding house for students. The unit comes complete with a kitchen, bathroom, dining area that doubles as the study area for each student, and built-in cabinets.

With the help of a contractor, they were able to achieve this impressive unit using wood and different materials in shades of white, black, and gray.

Stylish Studio Unit, Designed for Four Students

Like many condo units, this one has the bathroom and the kitchen area set close to the door.

Although the space is limited, clutter is reduced by ensuring that there are built-in cabinets and shelves for the different kitchen appliances. A small fridge is picked for this unit to suit the limited space.

The bunk beds are lined up next to each other and pushed to the wall to maximize the free space on the floor.

Across the beds are four study areas that are also used as the dining area for the occupants.

Since this space is designed for four students or boarders, each of the study space has separate outlets for their individual use.

Each person also gets their own built-in cabinet for their books and study materials above the study area. Obviously, the closet spaces are also designed to accommodate four users.

Unlike a typical home, this unit doesn’t feature a TV, possibly because it’s supposed to be a boarding house space and must be conducive to learning.

Impressive Improvements

To show just how much they improved the unit, Mejorada also posted photos of the bare unit that they started with – and we’re quite impressed by how beautiful it now looks versus how it used to be.

Source: Lyrpa Mejorada