Small-scale rooms are more common in urban places. Choosing the right furniture arrangement could be a real challenge given the limited space.

So here are useful interior design tips on how you can champion styling your small living room.

1. Use Multi-Function fixture

Interior Design Tips

Interiors with multiple functions is typical nowadays. It could be the style you often see offered in the market today.

Opt for the ones that will be of great use for you.

For instance, this sofa connected to a bookcase interior where you could not only place books but several of your photographs too.

2. Discreet fold

Interior Design Tips 2

Despite limited space, you can still get to admire your favorite art by simply engaging with a foldable art interior which you can also turn into a small dining table during occasions.

Less clutter and a space-saver.

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3. Mirror magic

Interior Design Tips 3

In order to make your small living room look larger than it seems, just hang a mirror in the area. And that simply resolves the agenda.

4. Play with colors

Interior Design Tips 4

It is way better to opt for pale white, blues, or grays for it makes the room look bigger. Although dark-colored hues are classic and design friendly, it makes the living room look smaller.

5. Breathable

Interior Design Tips 5

It is common for us to compress or put the furniture against the wall. We often perceive it as a way to save space.

Little do we know that giving a breathing space between the wall and the furniture is one way to make the room appear larger.

Why not try to move your fixtures and explore the possibility of moving them near the center.

6. A dash of personality

Interior Design Tips 6
Furniture shoot

A small structure in your living room can be a potential showcase of your personality. You may arrange the items you’d like to put on it from its various colors and height.

7. Think bigger

Interior Design Tips 7

Explore the possibility of things. Think big and make an experiment on how you think your things need to be sorted out to keep everything in order.

There are various ways to make your living room look spacious and uncluttered.

Do not forget to think out of the box until such idea satisfies your desired style.

Source: Nenin