Having a wide frontage is a huge advantage for this L-shaped 2-bedroom house that is certainly a great place to live in. The wide front porch makes the house look open and very comfortable. This also creates a welcoming atmosphere. Just make sure to complement the house design with a beautiful garden.

This home features a contemporary design with plenty of interesting angles all over the place. The grey tones on the walls may look too subdued for many, but it actually lets the design stand out more.

As expected, the interiors are also quite stylish. Every part of this modern home is carefully planned out.

Dream House Design

The frontage of this L-shaped home is designed in such a way that it creates several porch sections interconnected with each other. The stairs are wide, allowing access from many spots. This really opens the space to the outdoors, creating a nearly seamless effect.

There are several sections of the roof, all making various angles that actually add interest. The ceiling materials also differ, with the main roof having a white panel ceiling while the porch section features brown, wood-like material.

Impressive Interiors

Providing you with a homey place to hang out, the living room has comfortable furniture that should complement the impressive interiors. The walls at the living room are painted in white, but the accent wall behind the multi-media system features designed tiles.

The bedrooms are gorgeous! Both are painted in powder blue and have lots of space, not just for the huge beds but also for a large closet, dresser, and even a settee. The bedrooms have wood-inspired floor tiles.

Huge Kitchen, Gorgeous Bathrooms

This house has a streamlined L-shaped kitchen that you can be proud of. There’s a hood over the modern oven while the lovely drop lamps create added interest to this space.

The two bathrooms looks gorgeous! Both are stylish and provided with lovely sanitaryware. The larger of the two bathrooms features a full-sized bathtub.

Occupying a space of around 115 sqm, this 2-bedroom house was built for a budget of around Php2.4 million.