L-Shaped Contemporary Home

In building a house for yourself and the family, know that while comfort should be foremost on your mind, style and function are also important factors to consider. That’s what you can see in this L-shaped contemporary homemade with premium materials.

This lovely home has an excellent design yet also provides comfort to all its dwellers. Every bit of space is well thought of, to ensure that nothing is wasted on this house.

Set on a raised platform, this house is a beauty to behold. It has a colorful façade that’s made of golden teak wood. But if this wood is not available in your area, you can also opt for other hardwood materials.

Beautiful Frontage

L-Shaped Contemporary Home 2

The front balcony is directedly accessed from the stairs by the main door. But there’s also a balcony from the Master’s Bedroom that juts out from the other side of his L-shaped home.

L-Shaped Contemporary Home 3

Black steel railing is used on the porch while lattice materials are used to create accents on the wall.