With its compact floor plan, this L-shaped house with 1 bedroom is a good option for a small family or a retired couple who want a simpler house that would be easier to manage.

This house looks perfect in any setting, whether in the middle of a farm or even beside the beach. This charming home was built on a nice property in a rural area, with a lovely fence made of wood and steel built at the front area.

The property is set higher than the surrounding land by the concrete platform that provides better protection against possible flooding.

Modern House Design

The house has flat roofs that still manage to look stylish, with the main part of the house having a roof that slopes towards the back while the portion that juts to the side has a roof that slopes at an angle perpendicular to the main roof.

The exteriors of the house are painted in greyish blue with white frames around the windows and the sliding glass doors.

Nice Interiors, Compact Floor Plan

The white marble tiles look great on the floor, adding style to the charming house with nice interiors. The main part of the house features the living room and dining area while the shorter side covers the bedroom area.

There’s a small bathroom towards the back, right beside the back door made of wood. The bathroom has a grey theme, with wall tiles in different shades of grey and having varied patterns so the place won’t look boring despite the monochromatic look.

Comfortable Bedroom

This house actually has only one bedroom, but it is a comfortable place to stay. There are sliding glass windows that look out to the nice view outside the house. The bedroom door is made of wood painted in brown with white accent lines.

A 1-bedroom house like this may be built for around Php800k.