A beautiful dream house for many, this L-shaped house features lots of glass and a beautiful deck that give this place a resort vibe. This would certainly be perfect for a home with an outdoor swimming pool or a lovely garden.

The 2 bedrooms of this L-shaped home are placed at one side while the common areas are set at the longer side of the house. The wooden deck wraps along the front portion of the house, providing lots of extra space for hanging out.

You can style the interiors anyway you want it, but make sure to pick elegant pieces because these are easily visible from outside your home due to the many glass walls.

Resort Vibe, Modern Home

A house like this is perfect for a location with a beautiful view. It would be great for a beachfront property but also fits well with a lush tropical garden or a mountain backdrop.

The resort vibe makes this place a fun place to live in while the modern design ensures that you’ll have everything you need in this home. The decks have a separate roof supported by steel poles.

Beautiful Bedrooms

This house features 2 bedrooms, both of which come with lots of space and can easily fit a king-sized bed. Sliding glass windows are used in the bedrooms, adding beauty to the place. Elegant floor-length curtains are used for most of the windows but there are also some that simply fit the window size.

The spacious bedrooms have plenty of space available for some cabinets and a dresser. Stylish lights are also used in the bedrooms.

Stylish Bathrooms

The 2 bathrooms in this house are stylish, with different tile patterns used on the walls and floors. One of the bathrooms makes use of a black-and-white motif while another comes with patterned tiles.

Building this 2-bedroom house would cost around Php2 million.