With walls painted in a beautiful shade of blue and white, this house looks grand and dreamy even from afar. It features a big porch, 4 bedrooms, and a large main hall where everyone can hang out.

A source of pride and joy, this home is set on a platform that’s 1 meter tall and provides a better vantage point of the surrounding views. With that in mind, make sure to landscape the space around your home, to maximize the view.

Flat roofs are designed to contour over the different areas of your home, creating a beautiful effect at economical costs.

Welcoming Design for Dream House

The large porch and the direct frontage create a welcoming design for your dream home. The open porch means that you can enjoy unobstructed views of your beautiful yard. Huge sliding glass windows and the sliding glass doors also provide wider views and allow natural light to come in.

Accents used in this house are simple but still make the house look better.

Large Main Hall, Lovely Interior Design

You’ll surely love the large main hall in this house that can easily accommodate the living room, dining area, and even a study hall for the kids or workspace for the parents. The white ceilings, white walls, and white marble tiles on the floors easily make the area look larger.

Beautiful light designs are used in the house, easily doubling as accents during the day. Doors to the 4 bedrooms are made of wood.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

Grey marble tiles are used for the modern kitchen with a single-line counter that features a sleek black backsplash with small, brown mosaic tiles as accent. White cabinets are placed under the sink and there’s plenty of space in this room for large kitchen appliances like a 2-door fridge.

The bathroom is done mostly in cream and has a black half-wall to separate the wet and dry areas.

This 4-bedroom house may be built for around Php2 million.