A grand house with lots of space in the U-shaped design, this 3-bedroom home stands tall and looks perfect for a medium-sized or big family. It is set on a solid platform that’s 1 meter high, providing the house with a better vantage point plus added protection from occasional floods during rainy season.

Perfect for any setting, this house features 3 bedrooms, a large kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and even has space for a prayer room or a mini library. The expansive 147 sqm space has plenty of room for movement and spots for activities that everyone can enjoy.

There’s a large porch at the front with built-in benches made of concrete and tiles, but the master’s bedroom also has a small balcony.

Grand Design, Pond in Front

The beauty of this house lies in its grand design that features a huge frontage people can admire even from afar. Beside the porch is a little pond. This is perfect as a special feature of your home.

Different types of materials and tile designs are used all over this home to create an interesting effect so that your house won’t look boring at all. Even the furniture pieces look interesting!

Spacious, Stylish Interiors

This grand house design features spacious and stylish interiors. The main hall is defined by the huge circle designs on the ceilings that encompass the living room and dining area.

The kitchen and the two bathrooms are set towards the back.

Beautiful prints can be seen in all the 3 bedrooms and all have access to private balconies. The windows even have stylish grills with butterfly accents.

Modern Kitchen, Lovely Bathrooms

As expected, this huge house has a modern kitchen that can accommodate all the needs of the family.

This space also has access to the two lovely bathrooms: one with a pink theme and the other in brown.

At least Php2.7 million was used to build this grand 3-bedroom house.