Looking nice with its charming design, this little blue house with 2 bedrooms and beautiful kitchen is a great place to live in for your growing family.

Though it is mostly blue on the outside, brown and white accents are used all over the place to create an interesting façade without spending a lot of money. The main entrance is through a small porch accessed by a short flight of stairs with stainless steel railings.

The huge double doors are made of glass, creating the illusion of added space and making this house look bigger than it really is. This also provides better lighting inside the house throughout the day.

Charming Design with Blue Walls

It might be a boxy house but different accents are used to make this house still look charming while also ensuring that you won’t spend a lot of money to make it look pretty. Large glass windows let natural light in while also making the space look great.

The color scheme using light blue exterior walls with darker blue accents goes all the way to the back part. White trim is also used around the windows and doors, even at the back.

Classic Floor Plan

The living room is small but you can make the most of this spot by using space-saving furniture and built-in cabinets.

This house features a classic floor plan, with the living room right by the main door and the two bedrooms set to one side of the house. Both are directly accessed from the living room.

Nice Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen is located in its own room towards the back, with direct access to the back area. The L-shaped counters have brown granite tiles and built-in cabinets with brown doors. The kitchen walls are painted in white and have two glass windows on the exterior sides.

The bathroom has a brown theme. A mosaic wall made of small, different-colored tiles. The sink also has the same granite tile material used in the kitchen.

A little 2-bedroom house with elegant features like this is worth around Php1 million to build.