Little Cottage with Modern Features & Nature-Friendly Design

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Whether living in a rural area or a bustling city, it’s always nice to have a beautiful home that you can be proud of. The good news is that you don’t have to go bankrupt to have a home, because there are houses that you can build for a budget-friendly price.

For less than Php500,000 ($9,600), you can have this charming little cottage that already has modern features yet also incorporating a nature-friendly design that you are surely going to love.

Made of concrete, wood, and glass, this open-plan house is a great place to live in and would be perfect for newlyweds, singles, or a retired couple.

Modern small house Japanese-style design with elegant interior views video

Front Design and Yard

A house that would be perfect in a rural setting or even in the city, this little cottage has concrete walls, glass windows and sliding glass doors, and porch posts made from logs or trunks of real trees.

Soft pastel gray tones are used to paint the outside walls; though you can pick earth tones for better effect. Designed to maximize the view, the porch features a couple of chairs and some built-in benches made of wood.

This particular house as a pond in front as it is set in the middle of a farm.

Gorgeous Open Plan Interior

Because there are no walls that divide the interior of this open-plan cottage, space appears much bigger than expected. The living room shares a spot with the functional kitchen and dining area that also doubles as an office space.

The sleeping area is set in a platform two steps up from the living room. It features a beautiful post that’s also a log, reminiscent of the posts at the porch area.

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Beautiful Toilet and Bath

Set above eye level for privacy, the beautiful bathroom is set at the back of the house. It’s an outdoor style bath with plenty of ventilation. There’s an old wood counter, clamshell catch-all basin, ceramic glazed sink, and modern fixtures.

Wood shelves and accents also make this place look more elegant.

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This charming little house could be built for as little as Php500,000 ($9,600); though the actual price would depend on many factors, of course, including the prevailing prices of the materials and cost of labor.