Who said the little house by the farm should be made with native materials?

This beautiful home has simple yet modern features that upgrades the traditional little house by the farm – and it would look great with a garden of fruits and vegetables.

Little House By The Farm 1

Painted a vivid orange, green, and brown, this charming house fits right in with the farm scene.

Taking advantage of the cool, fresh air in its surrounding farm, this house features lots of outdoor spaces for hanging out with your family.

Little House By The Farm 2

Two tiled patios are great for relaxing while you enjoy the view or watch the kids having fun at the outdoor water hole set at one side of the property. You can also pick another water feature in this spot, including a small pond where you can raise fish and ducks or even a swimming pool!

Little House By The Farm 3

Tiles all over the property truly upgrades this space but the earth tones make the place still feel like it is at one with nature.

Little House By The Farm 4

There’s actually a functional well at the side of the water hole. This is perfect for place with a shallow water table, so you can save on your water needs. But this could also double as the focal point of your yard – perhaps as wishing well with a shallow bottom?

Little House By The Farm 5

One corner of the porch features a breakfast nook with a table and some stools, great for enjoying your morning coffee while admiring the view around the house.

Little House By The Farm 6

Designed to blend with nature, even the interior of the house is painted with green tones. It’s like bringing the farm in, without actually adding the grass inside.

Little House By The Farm 7

Even the kitchen is painted with green and brown tones.

Little House By The Farm 8

The simple sink has open cabinets below, but you can add shelves and doors to better organize the space.

What do you think of this upgraded little farm house?