Having a small house is now being chosen by some people over mansion-like palaces that are actually more demanding in terms of maintenance, not to mention the difference in the cost of building them.

Nowadays, practicality when choosing and designing a home is becoming more common. The size of the home is no longer that important as long as the house serves its purpose for the family.

The house in this article is a tiny one with a perky color and finish. This small house pops out from the neighborhood because of its bright peachy pink exterior played around with earth colors flagstones and floor tiles.

To contrast the bright colors, white linings and frames were used for the exteriors of windows and columns. 

Inside the house, the walls are kept to a minimum but with more of cream shade.

The ceiling is also white, as well as the frames. Certain doors are made to pop out by having brown door jambs and light wood doors.

Ceramic tiles in the cream shade slightly darker than the walls are used for the floors, and a dark brown lining is used as a lining for the baseboards to add a pop to both light-colored elements.

The kitchen area is also made up of light-colored tiles with black marble countertop to add contrast. White cabinets are included to the counter.

Dainty flower tiles are used in the restroom partnered with cobblestone imitation for the tiles. 

The terrace is not enclosed. Instead, long benches are placed in between columns which served as bench and enclosure at the same time.

Truly, looking at it makes you think about dollhouses.