Set on a sprawling property with lots of place to expand, if needed, this loft-style home features a nice modern design with lots of built-in furniture in the 3 bedrooms as well as the common areas.

Mostly painted in a swirling grey pattern that mimics cement and marble, the house looks elegant inside and out. This remarkable home was built for a budget of Php2.5 million but it clearly exudes sophistication, making it a good value for your money.

This house covers an area of 240 sqm, including a small outdoor pool where you can relax after a busy day at work.

Modern Exteriors

This loft-style house has flat roofs that slope towards the back and contours around the shape of this rectangular house. There is a nice porch at the front, with plenty of spaces for a table with chairs so you can also hang out and enjoy a good meal while chatting with your visitors and admiring the pool.

Inside and out, this house has elegant grey walls. Huge glass windows create a nice break from the grey walls and provide natural light to the interiors of your home.

Luxurious Interiors

As expected, the interiors look elegant, with lots of built-in marble furniture. You can soften the look with comfortable cushions and colorful curtains.

Just like most homes, this one puts the living room at the front part while the kitchen and dining area are towards the back.

Elegant Dining Area, Kitchen

The elegant dining area features a long table and two long benches, all of which are made of natural slabs of wood. There’s a huge flat-screen TV on one wall while the bar at the end looks like something from a real resort hotel.

Great Bedrooms, Bathrooms

The bedrooms look awesome with lots of extra spaces so you can put plenty of your favorite stuff inside. Built-in shelves, bed, and tables are also made of marble. Again, the glass windows are huge in these bedrooms.

The bathroom appears to be one of the best spots in this 3-bedroom house, with a tropical theme that perfectly complements the outdoor swimming pool.