For most of us, dreaming of having a house to stay in whether during a vacation or when we eventually retire is not unusual at all. A common dream of people is to have a quiet log cabin house that they can go to whenever they want a relaxing and quiet time.

 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 3

Imagine light materials all around as well as a vast lawn to serve as your view every day. Add some garden elements to pop up your morning drill, and you’re set for a quiet session.

This log cabin may be close to what most people dream about in a rest house.

 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 4

You can add a hammock in a contrasting color, by the porch to add that classy country feel to your home. 

 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 5

You can add a hammock in a contrasting color, by the porch to add that classy country feel to your home. Having a secluded (or not necessarily so) log cabin doesn’t mean you should go old-school in everything in it.

Incorporating a modern sliding door is a good way to get the “light” vibe going without stirring too far away from the overall feel.

 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 6

While you’re at it, why not add a burst of color inside the home. Spice it up with bright colors and make use of patterns and paintings to add more life.

 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 7
 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 8
 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 9


You can choose to use the same highlight color that you use for the living room for the rooms as well.

 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 10

Or you can go a different direction in the rooms. Keep it neutral by having the walls or other elements match the other parts of the house too to keep everything in sync.

 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 11
 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 12

For small houses, remember that using light colors with just a burst of highlight colors is the way to make the overall feel of the house light and airy. Add that to natural lighting and you got yourself a light and relaxing home.

Kitchen and Bathroom

 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 13
 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 14

Make use of glass and light materials when you can, and definitely enjoy your home.

 Log Cabin Dreamhouse 15