Built on a platform so you’ll have a beautiful vantage point of your surroundings from the balcony, this stylish log house is simply the perfect home for a location with a great view! It comes with a spacious living room that easily converts to a sleeping area, but there’s also a loft for the bedroom and a functional kitchen and dining area below.

This house is perfectly one with nature and would make a great vacation home or even a main dwelling for you and your family.

Truly beautiful inside and out, the house is made of wood and glass.

Stylish Log Cabin Design, Lovely Balcony

There’s so much to love about this home. Most of the exteriors are left in natural wood colors, but the walls are painted in blue. You can always opt to keep the natural brown on this portion, too.

This stylish log cabin has a beautiful design and a lovely balcony that you’ll surely love. It’s the perfect spot for hanging out and admiring the beautiful view while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Although made mostly of wood, this log house has concrete footings and foundations for stability.

Superb Interiors, Loft Bedroom Design

The interiors are truly impressive! Everything from the floors to the ceilings are made with wood slabs. They look great. This house is simply Instagram-perfect!

The wood floors make it easier to convert the living room to extra sleeping spaces anytime of the day. Just add lots of pillows and some mats.

The loft is accessible from a ladder, though it would be a good idea to put some railings to this spot for safety, especially if you have kids around.

Modern Kitchen, Creative Bathroom

Underneath the loft is a modern kitchen and dining area, but still made of wood materials.

Towards the back is a creative bathroom with stylish tile designs, a pedestal sink, and modern fixtures.

Depending on the wood you’ll be using for this home, this log house could cost at least Php250,000 to build.