Lovely 1-Bedroom Cottage Features A Balcony And A Small But Lovely Bedroom

Living in a small house can be fantastic, especially if there’s a balcony where you can hang out to admire the view. That kind of home is made even more special if there’s space for a garden, small farm, or a picnic spot where you can relax. This tiny home features just enough space for one bedroom, but there are lots of spaces for hanging out at the L-shaped balcony and in the yard. One section of the balcony even has faux grass to create the illusion of connectivity with the green surroundings of your home.

The owner also made sure to plant lots of plants around the house. You can opt to do the same thing, adding flowering plants for pops of colors throughout the year.

Charming Little Cottage in the Countryside

A charming little cottage set in the countryside, this place is a nice inspiration for building your home.

This can be a primary home for a small family or a retired couple. You can always add extensions as your family grows. But this can also be perfect as a rest house, vacation home, or an additional space you can rent out in your property.

To emphasize its role in relaxation and recreation, this home features a large L-shaped balcony and some picnic sets. Your kids will love the adorable penguin seats.

But since that furniture set might be difficult to find near your home, you can place any weatherproof set in its place.

Lovely Interiors, Nice Bedroom

This home isn’t huge but it remains a comfortable place to live in.

The bed is pushed towards the corner to maximize the space in the bedroom, providing a spot for the side table. There’s air conditioning in the room, but you can also opt to install bigger windows, instead, so you won’t need one for your home.

You can build this house for less than Php300k, but it can cost more if you use higher-quality hardwood and other high-end materials.

Source: Pastel @Nutty Nutty

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