Fancy a pink house with a beautiful porch area? Then you can draw inspiration from this sweet home with a nice carport at the side. It’s not a very fancy home, but you’ll enjoy the porch that can double as an outdoor dining area, elegant interiors, and a classic bedroom with wooden furnishings.

In today’s society, pink is considered a feminine color. But did you know that it used to be a masculine color and that nature actually makes males more colorful and brighter than females?

More people are making that realization – that’s why colorful homes are becoming popular and you’ll find a lot of pink ones, too.

Pink House, Beautiful Design

It’s pink and beautiful, but this house isn’t just a home for ladies. It can also make a great home for you and your family.

At the front portion of the house is a nice porch, just like what most modern homes have these days. There are no railings around it, but the porch makes a great hangout anytime of the day. There’s a full-sized dining table with two benches set at the porch, creating an extension to your dining room for an al fresco dining feel.

Stylish Interiors, Nice Layout

The colors look sweet and are perfectly complemented by the flowery decal in the living room. The marble floors also create an elegant contrast to the pinkish walls in the interiors.

The living room itself has minimalistic décor. A carpet defines the space while a plant creates a nice décor at the corner.

A flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall, opposite the leather couch.

Classic Bedroom Design

There’s only one bedroom in this house. It features a classic design, with the bed pushed to the corner beside the window to maximize the space.

One wall has a printed wallpaper as an accent, but you can pick other colors or styles to decorate your space.

This house would cost around Php1.8 million to build.