With its contemporary style, this lovely 1-story house with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is a great place to live in. You can easily feel proud of its modern design that has unique features you won’t regularly see in most homes.

For instance, instead of having bay windows that follow the height of the floor, this house lets a box-type window jut out from one side while external framing at another corner window also creates added interest to the house.

This home makes use of different shades of grey on the walls and accents, adding elegance to the design while also creating interest.

Unique Accents, Great Design

This house might not be grand and huge, but what it lacks in size it makes up in its beauty. It was designed for both comfort and style, creating a beautiful home that anyone can be truly proud of.

There’s a small porch at the front, with a roof that juts out and extends even to the spot before stairs. Plants create added beauty to the space.

Stylish Interiors

As expected, the interiors look as great as the exteriors. The walls are smooth and shiny, with white and grey used in various parts to create effect. The rooms have nicely styled doors in light brown while the back door is in cream.

Large glass windows look out to the view, also allowing you to enjoy the fresh breeze and let natural light into your home.

Modern Kitchen, Superb Bathrooms

The L-shaped counters in the modern kitchen makes use of granite and marble tiles. The backsplash looks beautiful with shiny brick-inspired tiles and a stainless-steel hood over the built-in stove. A large glass window is placed by the sink while nice brown doors are used below.

Earth tones are used in the superb bathrooms, with modern fixtures plus a hot-and-cold shower. This contemporary home is built for a budget of around Php1.2 million.