Surprisingly beautiful with its brown and white color scheme, this 2-bedroom house is a lovely place to live in. What’s so nice about this house is that the color scheme on the outside is also used inside. This creates a nice continuity that looks pleasing to the eye.

At the front is a charming little porch with stylish balusters and some built-in benches so you won’t need additional furniture in this spot. This lovely home makes use of large sliding glass windows that have black frames for added style.

Planters would surely brighten the exteriors, especially if you put flowers of different colors.

Stylish Design, Beautiful House

The gable roof design keeps the classic look of this house. Stylish inside and out, the house features wood floor tiles, shiny white ceilings, and artistic lights.

Aside from the spacious dining area to the side of the living room, there is a bar counter at the kitchen for enjoying some drinks or snacks anytime of the day.

Furniture pieces are made of wood to match the house’s woodsy theme while the walls are painted in white to provide a lovely contrast.

Spacious Home, Lovely Bedrooms

It might look small from the front but this house is actually spacious inside. The living room, kitchen, and dining area occupy the space to the left while the right side is set for the 2 bedrooms and a shared bathroom in the middle.

Like the rest of the house, the bedrooms also have furniture pieces made of wood. In keeping with the theme, the rooms also have white walls, brown ceilings, and wood-inspired floor tiles.

Nice Bathroom

The bathroom looks nice with its white walls and stone-inspired tiles. This spot still keeps up with the brown and white color scheme.

This gorgeous home costs around Php1.6 million to build.