With its beautiful gable roof over the main house and the porch, this lovely 3-bedroom house with orange walls make a beautiful place to live in. The large porch is the perfect place to hang out anytime of the day while the interiors are also fantastic.

Made mostly of concrete, this sturdy house will last a lifetime. The porch features built-in benches so that you won’t need extra furniture. This also makes the spot more spacious.

As expected, the interiors look great and stylish. Large windows have white frames that add beauty to the house. This lovely house also has a porch at the back area, perfect for a laundry area or spot for having some barbecues.

Lovely Porch, Nice Design

Noting that first impressions last, this house ensures that the porch looks great. The posts match the paint of the posts at the main part of the house while the upper portions have stone accents for added effect.

The house itself features a nice design, with gable roofs that you can opt to extend to one side create a carport.

Beautiful Interiors, Useful Back Area

This house features beautiful interiors – and that’s something that is easy to deduce from the lovely exteriors. The orange theme is used all over the house.

Built on an expansive lot, there are lots of spaces outside for various activities. The back area is useful for various purposes. The back roof can easily be extended to create more space.

Stylish Bathroom

This charming house features a stylish bathroom that comes with a nice tub where you can relax after a long day at work. There’s a half wall that acts as partition between the wet and dry areas. The sink has built-in shelves for the toiletries while an oval mirror is also mounted on the lovely grey wall.

This beautiful home may be built for around Php1.5 million.