Set in 100 sqm of floor space, this lovely blue house features 2 bedrooms and a nice hall where you and the family can hang out. There is also a pretty porch at the front, split to each side by the entrance at the middle where the main doors are.

With its blue exterior walls, this home is truly pleasing to the eyes. The white frames around the windows and the doors create a sharp yet lovely contrast that wraps from the front to the back of the house.

Stone-inspired tiles are used on the tiles as accents on the porch base and posts.

Impressive House Design

It does not stand tall yet this house features an impressive design that still appears beautiful even from afar. The flat roofs manage to stay stylish. With its modern design that also makes use of farmhouse porch styles, this house is quite interesting.

It would surely be a great place to live in, no matter where it might be built. This would look perfect in a rural or urban setting.

Stylish Interiors

Inside the house, the walls are painted in a soothing green color that looks great on the eyes. Drop lamps not only illuminate the living room but also add a stylish accent. There’s a huge DIY clock at one wall while the recessed ceilings also look creative.

One side of the hall is dedicated for the living room while the other end would be perfect as a dining area, especially because this part is closer to the kitchen.

Spacious Kitchen, Nice Floor Plan

An open door leads directly to the spacious kitchen with L-shaped counters topped with granite. A door leads to the back area while hallway directly goes to the bedrooms.

This house features 2 bathrooms so you won’t have to scramble every morning for toilet routines.

The stylish bedrooms are also painted in green while the bedrooms have nice designs on their own. This 2-bedroom house may be built for around Php1.8 million.