Set in blue and yellow with pastel colors that look pleasing to the eyes, this lovely 1-bedroom home is a great place to live in. It features a modern design and has a nice carport that can double as an outdoor living room to welcome guests.

Just like most modern home designs, this house features a flat roof that slopes towards the back over the main part of the house. The flat roof over the porch slopes towards the front. Both have white ceilings with ventilation holes to keep the house cool even on hot summer days.

The interiors are also stylish.

Modern House Design, Nice Porch

Built a few inches off the ground, this house looks great and has a welcoming façade that’s nice even from afar.

The walls outside the house are mostly painted in pastel yellow while sky blue accents are used to paint some portions. The color scheme wraps around the house, with sliding glass windows framed in white.

The porch is small but has built-in benches for hanging out. Even the carport has stylish accents.

Stylish Interiors

This house is built on 82 sqm of space. Keeping up with the pastel theme, the stylish interiors feature walls in pastel green that’s pleasing to the eyes. The white ceilings and baseboards create soft accents that easily match the walls.

There’s a lovely crystal chandelier at the middle of the living room while the marble tiles look great on the floor.

Charming Kitchen, Bathroom

Just like the rest of the house, the charming kitchen has pastel green walls, but one side has white tiles as backsplash. The single-line kitchen counters have black granite and cabinets made even stylish in black and white.

The bathroom has a glass enclosure for the bath area while some tiles with printed flowers add style to the lovely toilet area.

This beautiful 1-bedroom house may be built for around Php1.2 million.